2 piece accomodating iol

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One was to have some slight indents in the surface that contacted the Cornea that allowed much better tear delivery to the cornea.

The indentations filled with tears so there was no apparent distortion.

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Toric IOLs refer to astigmatism correcting intraocular lenses used at the time of cataract surgery to decrease post-operative astigmatism.

Visit Eye Smart from the American Academy of Ophthalmology to learn more about astigmatism.

Acry Sof Toric IOL (Alcon Labs, Fort Worth, Tx) (Figure 1) is a one-piece SN60AT design, hydrophobic acrylic lens with a yellow chromophore. This lens can go through incision sizes as small as 2.2 mm corneal incision.

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Many hard CL wearers experience Spectacle Blur when they take out their hard contacts and put on their glasses.It can be implanted through a 3.0 mm clear corneal incision.As with all plate lenses, it should not be implanted in a compromised capsular bag.Cactus Jack , Peter, To wear 20 glasses, you would probably need CLs of about -28, but the actual prescription is very touchy in the Vertex Distance department. That means that it must get its Oxygen from the air and Oxygen, nutrients, and lubrication from tears.