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04-May-2017 14:37

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This perfectionism can also make it hard for singles to accept less than perfection in their dating partners.

She has helped me so much to overcome my fears of marriage by helping me to feel educated about how to date successfully.

In the most petty AF (albeit, entertaining) fight across multiple platforms, both insist that the other one was unfaithful (or, at least, hooked up with others throughout the duration of their kinda-sorta relationship — make what you will with that).

“Alissa and I are having problems,” Jake began in a video.

The Kiwi pop-rock group today released Higher, the first single from their album Simple Forms, due out on October 14 and the follow-up to 2013's In Rolling Waves.

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During our Geekender the artist Alisa Leimane is inviting photographers to share their cities and their perception of the world with a stranger.Their ability to date such desirable individuals seems to say that they are just as accomplished.However, as a dating coach, who has spent 17 years as a marriage counselor, I can’t help but see the danger that surrounds this desire to date the best.It isn’t that they are so flawed that their issues really would be detrimental to the relationship, but their anxiety and perfectionism cause them to doubt themselves and their ability to succeed.