Are elaine and tyler from neon trees dating

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Watch Neon Trees Discuss Their Roots "I don't know what the rumors are, but we're not taught that 'homos are going to hell' on Sunday in church," he says."Mostly it's just about Christ and his teachings." Glenn lives about 15 minutes outside of town in a cookie-cutter three-bedroom rental, where he spends most of his time either cooking or watching TV.rovo, Utah, is home to 112,000 people, 61 Mormon churches, four coffee shops, two music clubs – and, on this crisp Friday evening in February, one bleached-blond pop singer enjoying a rare night on the town.Listen to Neon Trees' "Sleeping With a Friend" Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees gleams like a fluorescent highlighter as he emerges from the city's largest rock venue, Velour, wearing a long green coat that's the color and texture of a tennis ball, plus a Freddie Mercury T-shirt and leather pants.But yeah, they were both playing and we got to know them through that and we really admired their skills and right when we broke off with our other band mates that we started the band with, Elaine and Brandon kind of had things falling apart as well. From there we got a record deal and a booking agency and it just went on from there. You just had a new album drop in April, I always love hearing about a song that maybe sounds great now, but started in a completely different place.

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It was kind of like an arcade, Dave & Buster’s type of thing. It blew our minds because this was before we had a record deal, so we were still very do-it-yourself and so getting booked with such a huge band was a big deal. We recorded it in the studio and it just really wasn’t working.

Glenn’s “Trash” video, released on April 29, featuring him on the floor drinking from a beer bottle (drinking alcohol is against LDS Church rules), then standing and walking down a dim hallway hung with a portrait similar to a famous painting of LDS Church founder Joseph Smith, only Smith seems to have ghoulish, empty spaces where his eyes, nose and mouth should be.