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02-Jun-2018 18:43

She’s also pursued acting but those interests will probably be on the back burner now that her son is here.So who do you think will be the next Made In Chelsea star to have a sprog? She’s clearly been very excited about becoming a mum though.In October she posted an emotional message reading: The London-based star made her debut on the show in 2012 and quickly made a huge impact by finding herself in a love triangle with Francis and his best pal Oliver Proudlock.And while Linda tacitly accepted his promiscuous womanising, astonishingly it was the couple’s son Mark, his manager, who arranged Sir Tom’s ‘dates’.Charlotte, still striking at 54, has maintained a three-decade friendship with Sir Tom, who has chalked up more than 100 million in record sales and still has swooning female fans hurling underwear at him on stage.Because today, as a coach in the hit television series The Voice alongside Rita Ora and, and with a new world tour beginning in June, Tom Jones’s distinctive baritone and charismatic appeal have won him a whole new generation of fans.

He finally dumped her after she confided to his publicist that she was anti-abortion and would keep the singer’s baby if she became pregnant.‘I met Tom’s mum, dad, sister and, of course, Mark,’ Charlotte said.Made In Chelsea fans, we have some exciting news – one of the show’s stars has given birth to a baby boy!You might be surprised by who the new parent is though.So she coolly tells him to shove it, because she's simply not the kind of girl who shares a man (I mean where do girls learn this kind of trick?

At boarding school, all we were told was how puberty would give us smelly armpits and that we should not even LOOK at the builders working on our sports hall because that was how you got pregnant.

‘Tom told me his mother knew about his girlfriends and Mark was sharing a suite with his father the night we were first intimate. Yet, according to Charlotte, Jones’s wife Linda ignored her husband’s behaviour.