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1 Big Night Out is, without doubt, one of the best of its kind in London.Drawing a crowd of students, backpackers and locals out to have a good time, the bar crawl checks in at some of the most happening spots in London and sets its guests up with loadsa freebies along the way.In any case, how well-established is the Reinheitsgebot in the former Prussian territories.As far as I am aware, it only came into force in the whole of Germany after 1901, previously having been a purely Bavarian law.

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The peculiar status of West Berlin for 40 years after the last war, left the brewers penned into a small enclave, with little scope for expansion except at each other's expense.

In the 19th century, the ruling family of Germany, the house of Hohenzollern, was living right next door in the Berlin Castle and they thought that Schinkel’s rather modest domed cathedral no longer corresponded to the image they wanted to project of their family.