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While a sexual appetite is innately human, society preys on sexual weaknesses causing many to overindulge and create insatiable, ravenous habits that are often harmful to one’s body and spirit. While the two words “wait” and “celibacy” often bring grunts, groans, and eyerolls, Franklin and Good dish a powerful action-packed recipe for those seeking true love, meaningful relationships, and the quest for self-reflection.Ironically, the solution lies within those two words so often ignored, and despised the most.Aside from that, I know only one other fact about him: he knows everything about me.As much as some of my closest friends and family - my own mother even. A year ago, I published Chastened, a memoir detailing my decision to voluntarily spend 12 months living and loving without sex.It’s choosing to discipline the mind and think of the benefit you seek, something that is greater than the desire to give in.” dives head first into the struggles with celibacy, temptations that will arise, and a strategic plan of attack when thoughts of giving in creep into the mind.Along with support and commentary by both Franklin and Good on their dating-to-marriage-while-celibate experience, the book explores candidly the differences between men and women who may or may not play the waiting game, how to determine whether someone is your true husband or wife-to-be, and what to do in the meantime while being celibate. The ‘Think Like A Man’ actress now says she had to transform her mind, body and soul before she could meet the right man.Meagan talked to NY Post and says this about her past relationships: She was chaste for two years, until she married Seventh-day Adventist pastor De Von Franklin — a journey they recall in their upcoming book, “The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love” (Howard Books, out Tuesday).

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It settles comfortably into the driver’s seat, puts the pedal to the metal and wrecklessly steers through our culture.