Blog feed not updating

31-Mar-2017 08:32

blog feed not updating-23

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That shows us how often it gets updated, if it was successful, if new entries where fetched and which one of our update server actually did the update.

As first step we did what we always do in such cases - enabled detailed logging for the feed.

The response body is not parsed at all if the result contains a If-Last-Modified date equal the requested If-Modified-Since - although the server responded with a 200 OK and not a 304 Not Modified.

And this bug does not show in older versions of the software stack like Debian used on our old update servers.

We use the Google Feedburner to distribute our RSS feeds, but how to fix Feedburner feeds which do not update? and we had a chance to experience this today as Feedburner feed would simply not sync, and not update.

When you update your blog, the RSS feed updates, then pings Feedburner, syncs your feeds and Feedburner grabs the latest content. If you really want the feed to update I would suggest changing the is the Pub Date.I have recently upgraded my site to J2.5.17 and installed the most recent version of RSS Feed Reader 3.0.I have tried everything and i am turning to you as my last resort.