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26-Apr-2018 03:06

You should only enter the FQDN (fully qualified domain name), without the www prefix or any subdomains - the domain itself is enough: You should leave "Send alert to owners" checked to be notified about any issues with the key or unusual site traffic. re CAPTCHA can greatly reduce the number of bot and spam registrations on the site.Disabling it can lead to an uncontrollable flood that is not fun. Look for the "CAPTCHA" item and drag it to the Inactive area of the Fields Builder.Dolphin includes built-in support for re CAPTCHA to help keep bots and spammers at bay.While it won't keep all spam out, it can greatly reduce the number of registrations, and make site management easier.

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Pligg is a PHP/My SQL system that allows visitors to submit websites and blogs for voting or ranking.As social sites grow in popularity, so does the desire for smaller niche-based networks that cater to smaller groups of people.Just look at the rise of social networks for chess players and wine.Thousands of developers are available on, who can provide the skills and expertise you’re looking for in your Boonex Dolphin project.