Brandy wanya morris dating

11-May-2018 18:32

** ** ** ** So it seems that the moral of the story here is, don’t come for Brandy unless she comes for you.

Like many of her fans 20 years later, Brandy can still remember the first time she heard her debut single “I Wanna Be Down” on the radio in the late summer of 1994.

R&B star Brandy was left feeling "crushed" at the age of 18 when her then-boyfriend, Blackstreet singer Wanya Morris, dumped her for another woman. ' "It just made me feel like I was all by myself, in that whatever I'm feeling personally is gonna have to be put to the side." The pressure of keeping the relationship secret and the stress of their high-flying careers caused the couple to grow apart - and Morris left Brandy for another lover in 1997.The singer/actress harboured a big crush on Morris from a young age and her dreams of a romance came true in 1995 after they teamed up to record their hit duet Brokenhearted. She revealed, "He fell in love with someone else, so the worst feeling is to be in love all by yourself.But Brandy's management team, led by her strict mum Sonja Norwood, frowned upon the idea of the 16 year old being involved with Morris, who was five years her senior, and forced the hitmaker to hide the relationship and deny it in the press. That feels f**ked up, honestly, it just does, and that's the only way I can really put it.When fans saw Brandy’s posts, she received mixed reactions (but mostly congrats) due to her history in the love department.

From her very first love, Wanya Morris (of Boyz II Men), dropping her like a bad habit back in the day (Brandy admitted that); to the father of her beautiful daughter, Robert Smith, publicly exposing her in their lie about having been married even though they weren’t; to her past manager/former fiancee, Ryan Press, apparently lying to her (according to Brandy) by giving her a huge rock that she later found out was cubic zirconium, and them ultimately splitting in 2014…Brandy’s heart has been through the ringer.

I couldn’t help but wonder, through both her statements on the show and her demeanor as she said them, if she was telling the truth. Based on what we’ve seen her go through over the years, you could understand why she might want to.