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15-Feb-2018 10:50

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It was my brothers and is a replacement for a Puma White Hunter my brother loaned to a friend to take on a hunting trip back around 1971. He went to get a Hunter as replacement but either couldnt find one or they stopped making them .

The guy dropped in Puma into a stream while crossing it and the knife was lost. Anyway this Buck is the replacement and is virtually unused . Now that I think about it , the first Buck knife"s blade broke doing a simple task .

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We sent that knife into Buck and they replaced it with the one in the photo.

Im sure that White Hunter was from right around 1971 or so. My brother gave me this knife and Ive had it in safe storage ever since. Have a Pathfinder, but its camera shy (now where did I leave that guy?In our latest in depth head to head review - I will be comparing the large KA-BAR Dog's Head Coppersmith Lockback folding knife to the Canal Street Cutlery Squeeze Lockback folding knife.The large KA-BAR Dog's Head Coppersmith Lockback folding knife measures 4 7/8" closed and weighs 4 ounces.Many of our knives have increased in value over time.