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I've had blood tests and MRI of brain and cervical which came back normal. First one in 2001 for appendicitis and in 2007 I had a hard silicone implant put in where the sternum head of my left pectoralis major should be because I was born with polands syndrome.Hi, I am on birth control (tricyclen) and am currently taking Augmentin for UTI.He also did Child and adolescent Psychiatry Training at National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences, Bangalore. These professionals provide services through the Doctor Insta telehealth platform.Doctor Insta (Brahma X PLC) does not itself provide any medical or healthcare services.Our medical panel consists of over 100 highly skilled sexologists.Get professional medical advice and second opinion now! If you cannot find a question that you have posted to the sexology forum, please note that your question might have been transferred to one of the other expert columns.Have a look at the erectile dysfunction , gynaecologist or Cyber Doc,or Cyber Shrink forums The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition.

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I've been suffering chronic fatigue, headaches, neck pain, tingling sensations of my right eye brow, generally unwell, shakes, weakness, poor concentration, brain fog and feeling feverish.He is the expert of Sexual health in the panel of many international health care organizations like Health Care Magic, Medindia, oo Womaniya, Advice Adda etc He is an expert author in Times of India , Healthme Up, Future Medicine Magazine, IMA Nammude Arogyam and lot of other media.Post your health query to our experienced sexologist medical panel and receive instant medical advice and second opinion.My doctor told me I wouldn\'t need a backup method while on Augmentin, I would only need one if I experienced nausea or diarrhea, which I have not. My period has ended and I begin my new pill pack on Sunday.