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06-May-2018 07:27

Even more surprising is that Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism are more in step with Western culture, and do not demand obedience from their women.

Being assertive is a more valued property than obedience because evolutionary wise, assertive societies are more successful.

quality that everyone should aspire to; certainly the men do not aspire to it.

Instead, it is something that a good woman should be.

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The problem for many women is where to a find a submissive man they can train to become their husband.Assertive societies with strong leaders tend to gain more territory, capture more resources, and spread more of their culture than obedient or passive societies, which are more likely to become conquered.Assertive men and women are more likely to acquire and accumulate more resources than obedient men and women.Back then men believed that women didn’t enjoy sex and that they didn’t have sexual fantasies, especially when those fantasies took place outside of their marriage.

The first person who revolutionized the way our society looks at female sexuality was Alfred Kinsey with his book Sexual Behavior of the Human Female.Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go and there are still a lot of things that some men need to understand.Whenever you ask a group of people whether men or women enjoy sex more, you will always get the same answer.Submission can take the form of passivity or obedience in relation to any aspect of conduct and behavior.