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Maps prepared by a Dutch cartographer in 1747, available at the Thanjavur Saraswathi Mahal Library show this area as Ramancoil, a colloquial form of the Tamil Raman Kovil (or Rama's Temple).

Some early Islamic sources refer to a mountain in Sri Lanka as Adam's Peak, where Adam supposedly fell to earth and describes Adam as crossing from Sri Lanka to India on what became known as Adam's Bridge.

By the end of the 1930s, the legislature of the State of Madras passed the Entertainment Tax Act of 1939.

Tamil cinema later had a profound effect on other filmmaking industries of India, establishing Madras (now Chennai) as a secondary hub for Hindi cinema, other South Indian film industries, as well as Sri Lankan cinema.

Personal space is not for discussion,” she added.“I will remain just the way I am: low profile as ever.

Why should I be any different just because I am linked to someone? I have no shame in admitting that I draw into my shell easily and come out only when I have to speak.

The Lyric Theatre was also built in the Mount Road area.

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The films all featured non-fictional subjects; they were mostly photographed records of day-to-day events.Sagarika Ghatge, who is busy promoting her upcoming film Irada, dropped a hint that Zaheer Khan is indeed special to her.“Before you ask, yes he (Zaheer) will watch my film (Irada) when it releases,” Sagarika Ghatge was quoted as saying by Mid-Day.Frank, date, you rest assured that the sugar babies in los angeles, where he’s been and why he scared and that wasn’t.