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03-Sep-2018 05:15

They pretty much know how to use Google, You Tube, Facebook, and a host of many other sites; sometimes even way beyond your capacities.What is most concerning about this is the fact that aside from the breadth of helpful and entertaining information that the web provides, it also has a drawback. al., there is an estimated 90% of youth between 12-18 years of age who have access to the internet.Other times, guys find out I’m a Christian and automatically assume I’m uptight and judgmental.The stereotypes get old.” Of course, the problems don’t disappear when Christians choose to date only other Christians.There’s a broad spectrum of what it means for people to call themselves a Christian—from very liberal to very conservative and everything in between.

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However, those artists weren't producing ten an hour and posting them for instant voting results. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most.

We pray for their peace and strength as they wait on you.