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04-Jan-2018 16:16

That's the way I've been transferring audio out of Nuendo for other software DAW's... Once you get it right it'll make sense for future sessions. I remember that my experience happen to turn out negative when i use OMF version 2.0 wich is the one i alwasy use. Bounce from 0 always works, but boring as a crock hunting.. Until you get the hang of this it is recommended that you work on a copy of a session or a test session incase you accidentally delete the wrong files.

-- Adam Lazlo First , Adam, thats exactly what i meant. When i open the OMF version 2.0 form Nuendo to sonar or anything else, works perfectly. did not work, not saying that it DOES NOT work, i'm sure other succeeded. There is a macro that needs to be created before doing this so please do this first.

I've recorded a bunch of percussion in stereo and have already made them into clips. What is the best way to take two clips and merge them as one stereo file?

I recently started a new job and one of my tasks has been to learn Nuendo, primarily for sound design and mixing.

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Also, if you have the patience and time, reading through the Nuendo manual is very helpful. If you’re a Nuendo user and have tips and ideas of your own, please share them in the comments.

Please see article 31615 for a description of OMF files.

Method 2: Savin’ Waves The other, less elegant, method is to simply save all audio and MIDI files separately from one program, and import them into the other.

One of the things that makes learning Nuendo a bit harder is the shift in vernacular.

It’s hard to Google a solution or search the official manual if you don’t know the Nuendo lingo. Unlike Pro Tools, in Nuendo all the key commands can be re-assigned.

So, for example, if a guitar solo enters at 2 minutes, 23 seconds, 346 milliseconds into a project, consolidating that file will have it begin at “0” and insert 2 minutes, 23 seconds, 346 milliseconds of silence before it.