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A Pakistani plane carrying up to 47 passengers has crashed near Abottabad, a regional police official has said.Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) passenger plane PK 116 was on its way to Islamabad from the northern city of Chitral.We started our journey to Chitral in the winter of last year.It was December and thus an off-season for tourists.The washers on these gents' samovars are shot; there's no turning them off. A woman whose days are now filled with activity without action. Lincoln Road is in extremis: "Half the shops were boarded up or turned into medical buildings where chiropractors and recreational therapeusisists kept their offices; and in Wolfie's almost the only people you ever saw were dried-up old Jewish ladies on sticks with loose dentures hanging down beneath their upper lips or riding up their jaws, and holding on for dear life to their fat doggie bags of rolls and collapsing pats of foiled, melting butter that came with their cups of coffee and single boiled egg, taking them back to the lone rooms in which they lived in old, whitewashed, three-story hotels far down Collins." Ted, olov hasholem, has already been gone "too many years," and her dearly mourned son Marvin, olov hasholem, olov hasholem, was lost even earlier, to leukemia, finished off not only before the arrival of death with dignity but before pain management.

Authorities have confirmed that the aircraft carried five of the crew member, nine women, 31 men and two infants.ABBOTTABAD: Along with renowned religious scholar Junaid Jamshed’s dead body, at least 38 bodies have been recovered on Wednesday by rescue teams after a flight of Pakistan International Airline (PIA), carrying over 40 persons crashed due to mechanical snag.Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) reported that bodies of 26 passengers were recovered at the crash site while the operation was underway for more.Images shown on Pakistani TV channels and circulated on social media showed a trail of wreckage engulfed in flames on a mountain slope.