Daily bible devotions for dating couples

19-Feb-2017 18:40

Continue Reading • 3 minute read October 12, 2015 • Kim Sullivan Fire has characteristics which benefit our faith.

Discover how the imagery of fire can transform how we live as people who are fueled by the Holy Spirit.

The truth is, God not only keeps His promises, but does it in a way that is more amazing and wonderful than we could ever imagine...

even if at the moment it seems He has completely forgotten about us...

With so many challenges in life, it is very easy for us to want to take charge and try to handle everything ourselves, but in the end we find ourselves worse off, and crying for the Help of the Lord, who is always faithful...

Studying the Bible with course material to lead you into truth and discovery increases your faith and strengthens your Christian walk.In Christian communities, Bible study is the study of the Bible by ordinary people as a personal religious or spiritual practice.Some denominations may call this devotion or devotional acts; however in other denominations devotion has other meanings.Bible study in this sense is distinct from biblical studies, which is a formal academic discipline.

In Evangelical Protestantism, the time set aside to engage in personal Bible study and prayer is sometimes informally called a Quiet Time.

Christians of all denominations may use Study Bibles and Bible Reading notes to assist them in their personal Bible studies.