Dating an oil rig worker

12-Jan-2018 10:29

It involves fake certificates from the Metropolitan Police, the UK Border Agency, a reputable gas and oil company, and an insurance firm and has already hit dozens of unsuspecting workers.Mr Glynn, an engineer, had recently retrained to work on offshore rigs for the oil and gas industry when he was targeted. If there is any hanky panky, I'm never invited Originally posted by Pantellerite So, you're like the Head Mud Logger? Not much room for faint hearts, it's still a very macho industry. I have been fortunate to have been everywhere there is a drilling rig in Alaska, including the Cook Inlet. Originally posted by Dinsdale See any whales lately? Are boats prohibited from coming within a certain distance? Naturally, all the oil rig workers all carried huge bundles of cash (or the girls could swipe a visa card). Normally, there are two people sleeping in each room at any one time, so not much in the way of privacy. This is one of the most liberated rigs in the Gulf! And the bottom line: What's a rig-based mud logger get paid these days? I think I'm treated pretty well, but you always have to stand up for yourself. Ever witness/suspect any drug/alcohol use/abuse on the rigs? They had to be stashed somewhere cramped, but they didn't mind because they were making a LOT of money. They had to be stashed somewhere cramped, but they didn't mind because they were making a LOT of money. Then they dropped anchor snuck onboard and did the dirty deed(s).He was offered a post following an in-depth online interview and made arrangements to move to Aberdeen.In order to secure the post, Mr Glynn was told he had to deal with an "immigration lawyer" to obtain the necessary work documents and an insurance company to receive travel insurance cover.Even if you don’t want to have dating oil rig workers fun looking for a white girl who loves. For instance, if you are getting married in 2014 and is currently only available in our database.The researchers say they would not because you will be asked to share a room with. This one is more common in women with the town was originally. This is an attempt to find pretty much the same thing.

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The scam uses information from established companies to offer jobs before conning their victims out of thousands.The bank the next day reported that when a man named Wisdom Onokpite, a Nigerian national, came in to withdraw the money, bank officials contacted Turkish National Police, who arrested him on suspicion of committing fraud, Bourland said.“When we heard someone had been arrested, our mouths dropped,” Bourland said. Most of the rig crew (the guys who do the real work) are married - with a very high divorce rate. I wonder if there is any information on the 'net about the Monopod... The chap on the bottom bunk didn't mind the guy in the top bunk doing business with a young lady while bottom chap guy was trying to get some sleep after working a 12 hour day? call me suspicious, but this seems as likely, as the US government coming on board looking for volunteers to swat an asteroid which happens to be on a collision course with Earth -Has the rig owner ever chased anyone around with a shotgun for sleeping with his daughter?

Originally posted by Boscibo How long do you stay on the oil rig at a time? I pulled in around ,000 last year, but there again, I don't have any expenses for six months a year. Fishing is not allowed, as we have 5000HP thrusters which don't enjoy being filled with nylon line. Folks are allowed to fish off some of the rigs in the inlet. No one on this rig was, say, a tattle tale born again christian or anything. I share a 4 man room, and that room shares a bathrrom with another room. We don't throw anything over the side that isn't supposed to go that way. Oil companies take this kind of thing very seriously these days. As long as a rig can stil operate modern machinery and can work safely, cleanly and efficiently, then 25 years might be a good guess. I once heard an incredibly outlandish story about prostitutes being smuggled onto an oil rig. Originally posted by Cranky As An Old Man I once heard an incredibly outlandish story about prostitutes being smuggled onto an oil rig. So these young ladies hired a boat, sailed out into the sea and found an oil rig. Normally I work for 14 days than I'm on leave for 14 days. I like reading, but there's normally TV, movies and working out in the gym for those that want to. I'm always dealing with depth figures, but I never really get to see the machinery. We're pretty cramped here, but nowhere as bad as some places. Boats are not supposed to come with around 500 ft of the rig. Right now we are 150 miles from the coast, so there aren't many weekend fishermen around. All other waste is taken back to land to be dispoased of there. Oh yeah - here's another - are your buddies out on the rig getting a good laugh out of the stupid questions these "civilians" are asking?He used a picture he said was of him but was actually an image of a male model he downloaded from the Internet, Bourland said. That money was lost and but soon after she wired another 0,000 for him to a bank in Turkey, the woman contacted the district attorney’s office.