Dating breadwinner wives

04-Jul-2018 20:15

Most of these articles suggest relationships in which women make more than their male partners begin at a disadvantage.

The woman being the breadwinner is approached as an obstacle a couple must overcome to aid the general health of the partnership. The year I was born, 1987, women earned more money than their husbands in less than a quarter of American heterosexual households.

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How do they - and their men - feel about their new status?Recent figures from a large-scale government study show the number of 'breadwinner wives' - women in partnerships who earn more than their men - has soared to 19 per cent, with another 25 per cent earning the same amount as their menfolk.It means that almost half of us now earn as much or more than our husbands and partners.After the end of my long-term relationship, a colleague recommended I go out with her brother – a “nice, Jewish doctor” – because he could “take care of me.” I resisted, until I saw the duds, err dudes, online.