Dating groundwater

27-May-2017 00:06

Our geotechnical division specializes in the construction of groundwater cut off walls, earth retention systems, and soil modification techniques.We focus on helping clients solve their large, complex problems by leveraging our extensive project and industry experience, specialized equipment fleet, and patented technologies.

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Rivers were the obvious location of civilizations, and different civilizations utilized them in different ways.

Despite being crisscrossed by a complex network of rivers, vast stretches of India have neither river nor lake to depend on.

Rainwater is the only copious and clean source of water, but its distribution is neither uniform nor assured in all parts.

The GAB is Australia’s most important water resource, and for more than a century it has sustained much of the pastoral and community needs of a fifth of Australia’s landmass.

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European discovery of the Basin dates from 1878 when a shallow bore was sunk near Bourke, NSW, and produced flowing water.The history of India tells us that floods, droughts or both were a perennial occurrence.If the overflow of rivers and streams in spate could be redirected and stored, the water could be used during drought. We are a national leader in environmental remediation services, including soil remediation, soil stabilization and solidification, landfill cap and cell construction, permeable reactive barriers, deep soil mixing, biopolymer trenches, slurry walls and demolition of hazardous waste sites.