Dating places in bangalore city

09-Nov-2017 06:43

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So while you are in Bangalore, the IT and hub of India, these are few ways in which you can make your most awaited Valentine's day in Bangalore an exciting one: Image Source: Bangalore is surrounded by immense natural beauty that becomes an ideal backdrop for love to whisper itself.

The city has been blessed with surrounding hills, valleys, rivers and falls that are located at a short distance from the city.

The café offers various cuisines and all of this put together makes it a perfect classic date venue!

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Also Read: Bangalore has two ISKCON Temples namely, ISKCON Sri Radha Krishna Temple and Sri Sudarshana Narasimha Temple.

The diversity, and the foreign influence, colourful history and the rich heritage have all made Bangalore a melting pot of culture.

Today’s Bangalore is an interesting destination that intrigues people of all ages.

When on a date the most important aspect, besides the person you’re going with, is the place. Pick the right place, and be sure to set the right mood.

We talked to many youngsters, asking them about their favourite date destination in the city and came up with a list of the most popular ones.

It has the charm of olden style wooden furniture, which dominates this tiny café.