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In the West we chose to date every event from the birth of Christ (and got it wrong by six or seven years, but this is a different story). Other civilizations have their own zero starting point.Those hoping to score a Valentine this year may not have such luck with online dating.Recent reports revealed that looking for that special someone online is a lot like gambling or holding down a second job.By Personal Experience Name: Taryn Denton Age: 28 Location: Loveland, Colorado Before: 310 lbs. What was the “turning point” that prompted you to lose weight?

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There was no “aha” moment or “turning point” for me that I can point to that got me started going to the gym.You still do not know however if Napoleon or Caesar built the pyramids.Maybe they were both built before, or the pyramids before and the ESB after.But I stuck with it by setting realistic and achievable goals and writing them down, journaling, reading several self-help books about emotional eating, and nutrition science, and spending hours on Pinterest re-pinning motivational quotes, workout routines, and healthy recipes.