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01-Nov-2017 12:09

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“It is a provocation and there will naturally be a Russian response.

Not aggressive, but we will strengthen our defences because of it. We need to end this chapter of hostilities – but it comes first and foremost from the Danish side, not the Russian,” Vanin told Politiken.

Foreign vessels are allowed to pass through as long as they do not behave "menacingly", according to the rules of the Øresund treaty, signed in 1857.

Both Denmark and Sweden have experienced increased tensions with Russia in recent months, with increased Russian activity in and around Danish air space and even a warning from Russia's ambassador to Denmark that the Danes have made themselves a target of a potential nuclear attack by joining Nato's missile defence system.

Vanin’s comments came amid reports that Denmark plans to send 150 soldiers to the Baltic region as part of Nato efforts to bolster its presence in eastern Europe.

Nato is expected to announce at its July summit in Warsaw that upwards of 6,000 troops will be deployed to the alliance’s “eastern flank”.

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He said Denmark could face a coordinated online effort by Russia to “get involved in our democratic processes” in the same way that Russian hackers are believed to have disrupted the US elections.Book IX of describes an earlier marriage than the sagas (giving Ragnar three wives in total with another son and two unnamed daughters) as well as Ragnar having children with women other than his wives.The first half of the sagas are situated in Scandinavia and deal firstly with Ragnar’s marriages and the deaths of his older sons in battle, including the associated revenge of those deaths.Russia has been at odds with the West since its military incursions into Ukraine in 2014 and the Danish Defence Intelligence Service (Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste - DDIS) warned off “a new frozen European conflict” with Russia in its 2014 national risk assessment report.