Did anderson cooper dating kathy griffin

01-Feb-2018 16:02

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Wonder if the blow-off will be edited out of the west coast rerun?Theirs is admittedly the most amusing thing to watch on NYE when you're home but it's hard because Kathy is too much of an attention whore for me.Said she was being interviewed and the interviewer asked her about who was gay in Hollywood, and her answer was something along the lines of "Who isn't?"I heard that r5, which is why she moved on to someone who could really fuck her and get her pregnant.

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PHOTOS: CELEBS COME OUT "They're my best friends still, but I find they share a lot," he said of his female friends. It's funny how much more excited I was to be asked to come do one scene of "Eastbound & Down" than I've been about some ... Anderson Cooper and boyfriend Benjamin Maisani stepped out Tuesday in New York City wearing matching sneakers.That's why I was curious to know if ABC had actually shown Gio and Tommy kissing, which would've been pretty awesome if they had. The guy that hosted the drag queen thing said last year he was retiring from the NYE show.

I don't know if the drag queen thing continued without him or not. I usually don't go out for NYE but my boyfriend's sister is moving tomorrow so we "had" to."I have a friend -- I send her one text and I get 20 texts back. In a recent thread someone mentioned a story about Diane Keaton.The most obvious is Mimi Rogers' Playboy interview where she said Tom Cruise is like a monk and they never have sex.