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With a repertoire like Avellán's, it was surprising to hear her humbly state, "I'm still learning [the business] as we speak." She spoke a bit about how the role of a producer is making sure everything that is shown onscreen is accounted for, and used the example of copyright products and logos as items to watch for when producing a film, as they can run at a very high cost.Together with producer/director Robert Rodriguez, Avellán owns half of Austin-based production company Troublemaker Studios.

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According to his sister, he was fired soon afterward as he had shot footage in a cinematic style, getting shots of parents' reactions and the ball traveling through the air instead of shooting the whole play.

“Check it out,” says Rodriguez, beaming with pride as he thrusts forth a CD that bears the name and likeness of two-and-a-half-year-old Rocket Valentino Rodriguez Avellán.