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Her physical experiences during the visions revolved around, becoming unconscious, losing control of her arms and legs, shallow breathing and visual phenomena all of which are symptoms of an epileptic fit such as automatic movements of the hands or mouth, altered ability to respond to others, unusual speech, or unusual behaviors all of which were experienced during these visions.Moreover, following each of these seizures, there is some period of recovery in which neurological function is altered. These states were independently witnessed by Ellen G.White's followers, "When she came out of vision, all was total darkness whether in the day time or a well-lighted room at night.She would exclaim with a long-drawn sigh, as she took her first natural breath, “D-a-r-k.” She was then limp and strengthless." Another symptom of temporal lobe epilepsy, as noted by Sachdev and Waxman in 1981, is the frequency and degree of hypergraphia.These symptoms are noted in Ellen White's writings following the head injury, she states that "it was almost impossible for me to study, and retain what I had learned." When she did attend school her hand trembled so much that she could make no progress in her writing; and when studying she says "the letters of my book would run together, large drops of perspiration would stand upon my brow, and I would become dizzy and faint." Her teacher advised her to leave school until her health improved, which she did.Three years later, when she was twelve, she attempted to go to school again; but her health failed once more and she was forced to leave school permanently.I began to look into the great wealth of readily available material on the most important figure in Adventism and discovered that, as is the case with most religious figures, Ellen White is a much more complex figure than usually presented by either her critics or supporters. Shortly thereafter, an angry schoolmate threw a rock that stuck Ellen on the nose, rendering her unconscious for a period of three weeks.I have no interest in "proving" that she was a "false prophet." Neither am I interested in arguing with those who, as I myself once did, fervently believe EGW to have been a divinely "appointed messenger." I simply want to share what I have discovered along with some ideas as to what it may mean. She was expected to die, but came out of the coma into a state of chronic invalidism coupled with ongoing, often paralyzing anxiety about the expected end of the world and the state of her soul.

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Some of these extremists taught that by a life of continence they would reach a high spiritual plane. While White's account was obviously based on an imperfect recollection of what must have been a confusing experience for all involved, the discrepancies between her written account in Ellen White and the Millerites Most Seventh-day Adventists have the impression that their church originated with a group of Millerites who moved from the Great Disappointment to a new understanding of what happened on October 22, 1844, adopted Seventh-day Sabbath keeping, and began a world wide mission in relatively rapid and clear order under the guidance of the Spirit of Prophecy, the term that came to be applied to the visions and writings of Ellen G. That was the way I learned it in Adventist church school. They would at times all be talking at once, halloing at the top of their voices; some of them said there was too much sin there. She also indicates that Dammon was released without sentence when in fact he was sentenced to (but apparently did not serve) ten days in jail.Scholars have offered a greater variety of opinion upon the date for Creation than for any other single event in sacred history. 210) lists thirty-seven suggested dates for Creation, but he states that a nineteenth-century work, Hales's, lists some 120 possible dates and admits that the list might be swelled to three hundred.