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Textures can vary from those similar to clastic sediments, showing characteristic grain sizes, sorting, and rounding, to those produced by chemical precipitation.

In carbonates the matrix can range from fine grained carbonate mud to crystalline calcite or dolomite.

A dolostone, on the other hand, will not fizz until a fine powder is made from the rock or mineral.

Also, dolostones tend to weather to a brownish color rock, whereas limestones tend to weather to a white or gray colored rock.

Located deep behind Confederate lines, the 26.5-acre Camp Sumter (named for the south Georgia county it occupied) was designed for a maximum of 10,000 prisoners.

At its most crowded, it held more than 32,000 men, many of them wounded and starving, in horrific conditions with rampant disease, contaminated water, and only minimal shelter from the blazing sun and the chilling winter rain.

All it takes is the squeeze of My toned thighs, while nestling My spurs into his flanks, just enough for him to feel the pinch!

So, if you share the same Equestrian passion as Me, you're going to really enjoy what I have to show you inside!

With the wide variety of horse breeds and uses, it’s important to choose a carrier that understands the unique risks of every equine situation.I have always loved riding horses, even mucking out!!!Oohhh, how the fresh country air fills your lungs and gets your flood flowing, when building up a nice sweat from cleaning out the stables! The best part for Me is the ultimate in stimulation from mounting a big 16 - 17 hands brute and taking control of him!Because carbonate minerals in general are soluble in slightly acidic waters, they often have high porosity and permeability, making them ideal reservoirs for petroleum. Limestone can be easily recognized in hand specimen or outcrop because of its high solubility in HCl.