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12-Apr-2017 23:10

I was promoted to management in a small business fairly recently.

Botched release notwithstanding, the movie is in many ways as good as its predecessor, even if the screenplay falls short on presenting the main characters in a fully developed way.

The other day he asked me what I look for in a relationship.) He has a steady girlfriend and he regularly invites me out to dinner with the two of them. Jim’s performance review is coming up, and I feel like I should broach this subject with him. Also, this is going to be a lot less awkward for both of you if you address it as it comes up, rather than in a separate conversation later.

I have politely deflected every time, and every time he flirts with me I have politely shut him down. It’s gotten to the point where I feel constantly on guard around him. If addressing it in the moment doesn’t work then, yes, you’ll need to escalate it to a bigger conversation.

Like his American contemporary, General Custer, Chelmsford is an egotist with an overblown sense of self-confidence.

He makes Custer's mistake of dividing his army into smaller units, spaced far apart.

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