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You can see “Prologue” on sale here and in i Tunes. Or (This is more clear way I believe) If you remove your video from You Tube, and then if you re-upload the video, then I would not claim any right for your video. This basically means that SM Entertainment still has the upper hand, that they are collecting any monetization from my account, and that there is still a record of my so called “copyright infringement” in my You Tube account. The You Tube copyright system is seriously flawed and can be abused by people simply wanting to take down some other’s work, as You Tube simply awards the claim to to the claimant. A multi-million dollar company like SM Entertainment is selling what they claim to be OST (Original Sound Track) as labeled on their product, but all they did was re-packaged a stock audio from Digital Juice. There is no way for innocent members of the public to defend against such false take down notices should such companies decide to pursue the case to the fullest. About the author: Aram Pan is known for this frequent trips to North Korea and his collection of thousands of North Korean photos at his Facebook.

I wrote to Digital Juice to tell them about my case, and the director immediately sent me a letter written on my behalf: In the document, you can read that Digital Juice has called out SM Entertainment proving now that they are instead the ones who have breached copyrights and not me. The problem was that SM Entertainment has not bothered to reply any of my emails and my You Tube account is due to receive a “strike”, which is a black mark on my record. As of yesterday 19th Feb 2016, I finally received a reply from SM Entertainment and their reply left no contact person’s name or phone number. He has been given unprecedented access and North Korea has allowed him to produce many “world’s first” in the isolated country.

They take their music into uncharted territory, embracing the spirit of New Orleans into its original East Coast modern funk and fearlessly combining elements of James Brown, John Coltrane, Michael Jackson, and Led Zeppelin into their fiercely original sound. Brass Band either way: kicking it with funk or clearing room for a screeching free-jazz solo....

From Virginia comes a storm of a brass ensemble that has decided it can do what it wants as long as it does it very, very well.

Over the years, we have been able to donate thousands of pounds of food, let's not let them down! DJ Serge Protector (Adam Schatz o' Landlady) will bring the vibes!! In putting together the compositions and arrangements, the “b.s.” has been stripped to give the audience something solid, unique, organic, real, and powerful.

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