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Anna (Gabriela Marcinková) accompanies her sister to a photo-shoot, where her older sister Mirka (Lucia Siposová) is photographed nude by Rocco (Johannes Krisch), for an escort services website.

Anna is hesitant about what Mirka is doing but goes along with it.

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Lucia Siposová Gabriela Marcinkova Johannes Krisch Jude Law Moritz Bleibtreu Jamel Debbouze Dinara Drukarova Vladimir Vdovichenkov Rachel Weisz Juliano Cazarre Maria Flor Ben Foster Marianne Jean-Baptiste Anthony Hopkins Mark Ivanir BBC Films The UK Film Council ORF Unison Films Gravity Pictures Hero Entertainment Prescience EOS Pictures Wild Bunch Film Location Austria Austrian Film Institute Vienna Film Fund Revolution Dor Film Fidélité Films O2 Filmes Muse Productions 360 centers on the stories of a group of people from different social backgrounds through their intertwining relationships.

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