Hook up to fuck with out e mails

06-Feb-2018 10:13

Just do what you said you were going do and your base will back you 100%. FUCK THE FUCK UP AND GO DIE WITH YOUR PHONY ASS KIKEPIG FUCH STORY ABOUT THE RUSSIANS DID IT. How much air time will "A Leak" get, the Russians have been in the Newz for 8 months, with shows like "Moaning Jew" , The View and that nose bleed Bill Maher providing the Perfect Platforms to push the Russians did it mantra.

" which I'll be happy to do if you'll tell me which particular fuck you want me to wake up. They will never stop trying to usurp his authority. A leak is just not as dramatic as the Russians did it, is it.

Hook up to fuck with out e mails-35


Today, the local Washington DC Fox news channel reports that the Rich family’s private investigator – a former Homicide Detective in Washington DC and white collar criminal investigator for the Attorney General of the State of Ohio – says that evidence on Rich’s computers proves that he communicated with Wikileaks: https://twitter.com/Tim Runs His Mouth/status/864320973469777920? YES, THE CUNTHAG AND COMMIE AND THE REST OF THESE ASSHOLES IN THE PEDOGOVT.

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