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She is told that the men in the house are Vampires and she has been brought to choose the best male to become her mate to give birth to that Vampire's seed.

She is renamed Alice, as she accepts her role and begins to get closer to them in order to chose.

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Every thing goes well until Tani begins an intercourse scene with Hajime Tanimoto, that got Meiko expecting.There is a very interesting scene in the beginning where the director(the character) walks the actress (the character) in the zoo and tries to enlighten or kinda persuade her into another porno.They are walking vertically backwards towards a group of elementary school pupils when suddenly an oldman flashed across the camera intentionally, finally the director managed to talk the actress into what the actress clearly lacked interests in front of the cages of giraffes when they'd walked past the group of pupils.Juzo knows that he's in love together with brand new starlet, therefore he cancels the movie, marries Tani, and lives gladly actually after...... A gem in the history of Japanese Pinku Eiga and one of Tatsumi Kumashiro's best.