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22-Oct-2017 07:28

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I heard that they fought my aunt over his body and the funeral service. One of his lodge brothers had succeeded him in his job after he retired and is still good friends with my Aunt.

At his funeral, they all sat up front on one side of the church. It upsets me that all the years I knew he was in the lodge, which to us young kids seemed full of "nice" business men, all those years he was communing with Satan, and going to church on Sundays with his family.

My heart cries out for those deceived by cults that twist the Word of God. I knew what Christ wanted , and His works were not secret, but the lodge's were.

It bothers me that Jesus is just one of many equally revered prophets.

I am researching freemasonry for an article I am about to write and happened on your page. I remember when I asked him what they did at the lodge he never told me.

I thank God for grace in allowing you to see the truth and coming to the knowledge and relationship with Jesus Christ. I suppose I suspected that it was nothing Godly or edifying to Christ.

And even if we weren't in the last days, they fail to read the bible.

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Paul & Christ always talked about persecution for His names sake, so preaching about better must come is fallacy and not in God's plan.

My mother and all three of my aunts were members of the Order of the Eastern Star, which is basically an affiliated adult women’s organization for wives, sisters, mothers, daughters, etc., although not exclusively so. I still didn’t know what went on inside a lodge room, but dad had always said that being a Mason made him a better man.