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His father managed a go-kart track in the town of Kerpen, and...On this day in 1864, at the Second Battle of Ream’s Station, Virginia, Confederate troops secure a vital supply line into Petersburg, Virginia, when they halt destruction of the Weldon and Petersburg Railroad by Union troops.The characters in the opening sequence still remain in Standard Definition, only the background being converted to high definition.

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The series centers on the fictional characters of the Russo family, which includes Alex (Selena Gomez), her older brother Justin (David Henrie) and their younger brother Max (Jake T. The three Russo siblings are wizards in training and live with their Italian-American father Jerry (David De Luise), a former wizard, and their Mexican-American mother, Theresa (Maria Canals Barrera) who is a mortal.On this day in 1835, the first in a series of six articles announcing the supposed discovery of life on the moon appears in the New York Sun newspaper.Known collectively as “The Great Moon Hoax,” the articles were supposedly reprinted from the Edinburgh Journal of Science. Influential political philosopher David Hume dies in Edinburgh, Scotland, on this day in 1776.He gets annoyed and then uses magic to put her into the mirror. Austin) has an orange which turns into a vanilla cupcake.