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14-Aug-2017 02:34

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Ok so whats a guy with no real dating experience do when they are extremely shy? But now, ive restricted myself over the past 6 years or so to a pretty solitary life. Its against my ethical code to breach that professional relationship, so the women I meet through work are just off limits.Even when I can tell they are interested, there is this mystical barrier Ive put up that for some reason I just cannot cross. I sign up here hoping maybe I can make a go at this online thing.You hear people say all the time that when you are looking you cant find and when you arent it drops in your lap. It just seems harder when you start looking because you have expectations or certain desires.When you arent things are a bit more open and come as they go. You sound like a nice guy that needs to find a 'common interest' in order to meet new people.Because I can make up an answer, but I don’t think I have any unique insight that will help your survivors.

They appear to be a little put off by a guy who hasn’t even kissed a girl by age 30.

For a little bit of background, I grew up in a religiously conservative community, but wasn’t a member of the majority religion, so I wasn’t really exposed to a lot of the typical teenage explorations of dating.

Even though we weren’t religious, my parents were very socially conservative, and I felt that I had to be perfect in every way, and that “good boys don’t”.

I ain’t gonna lie – it’s tough to make up for that lost time – especially when you’re dealing with peers.

Innocently charming though it might be, most 30 year old women probably don’t have the patience for a guy who has never removed a bra.

While online dating sites may be a good option, you have to become pretty thick skinned and really put yourself out there - even if it is only in cyberspace!