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11-Jan-2018 13:41

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I'm trying to use Thymeleaf to generate some HTML code on Android.

It builds and deploys, but is dying in the Class Loader Template Resolver constructor.

Daniel Here is the code for Android's SAXParser Factory SAXParser new SAXParser() throws Parser Configuration Exception The Android DOM parser Document Builder Factory has something verysimilar. You have to find a 3rd partyparser of you want to validate. Since i don't know what type of app you need the validating SAX parserfor, but if your app just needs to read bits and pieces of incoming XML,you really don't need a validating XML. To post to this group, send email to [email protected] unsubscribe from this group, send email toandroid-developers [email protected] more options, visit this group at

hl=en--Daniel Drozdzewski--You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Android Developers" group.

When I tried example below as Java Application everything works fine, but the same code on Android is throwing exception.

Ok, for more details see codes below: This is entry point in my android app: @Override public void on Create(Bundle saved Instance State) { Create(saved Instance State); set Content View(R.layout.main); try { Log.i("AC", "Hello"); XMLProperty List Configuration plist = new XMLProperty List Configuration(); File Name("assets/data.plist"); plist.load(); Object prop = Property("Resorts"); if(prop instanceof List) { List02-28 .531: W/System.err(795): org.apache.commons.configuration.

I had one small issue, which was resolved by adding the slf4j-android library to the build.

The tutorial I had been following had constructing the Class Loader Template Resolver instance as the first step.

I am trying to parse apple's plist file with help of Apache Commons Configuration libraries.

Is there somewhere that you can specify an alternate SAXParser factory? Did Thymeleaf use the SAXParser from that project and embed it, because no SAXParser library is being pulled in via the Maven dependencies. Parser Configuration Exception: No validating SAXParser implementation available at org.apache.parsers.

Also, if you have used Thymeleaf on Android and have some battle stories, please share. SAXParser Factory SAXParser(SAXParser Factory at org.thymeleaf.templateparser.xmlsax.

If you're new to XML parsing, you might want to read up on SAX and DOM first through online sources or skim through my book (see Related topics).

You don't need to be fluent in callbacks or DOM s, but you should at least understand that SAX and DOM are parsing APIs.Now I'm not sure if the Android version of the runtime includes JAXP - Googling for "parsing xml on android" gives me results about using a different parsing mechanism.Then there is this package (since API level 8): that it is not SAX, as here you parse the whole lot and then validate. afterreading the XML you are still missing pieces of data and such, let your apphandle this situation by itself.xmlns=" Center Database/v2"xmlns:xsi=" Location=" Center Database/v2" rel="nofollow"--You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Android Developers" group.However, more and more Java developers are finding that they no longer need extensive knowledge of SAX and DOM -- thanks largely to Sun Microsystems' JAXP toolkit.