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Vanilla Star (New York based denim brand), Hannah Montana merchandise She has served as an ambassador for STOMP Out Bullying.In 1998, she was seen in the FTD (Flower Delivery Company) commercial. She played the role as Miranda Aiken in the 1999 film The Secret Life of Girls.In October’s season finale, Gabi (Osment) drove off in a food truck with Josh’s younger brother, Jake (Jayson Blair), leaving a conflicted Josh (Jonathan Sadowski) to stand there and watch her leave.Clearly he still loves her, and in season three, Gabi will realize she has feelings for Josh as well.Heather appears in one episode, "Lilly's Mom Has Got It Goin' On," where she briefly dates Miley's father, Robby.Lilly's parents are divorced, and her father Ken Truscott is an accountant. In "Miley Get Your Gum," Lilly refers to her brother's pet hamster. ," Lilly says "Sometimes I wish I had a brother; when I come over here, all better!

Just one year later, he made his feature film debut, playing Forrest Gump Jr.

In the episode “Young & Amnesia,” Gabi (Emily Osment) is horrified when Josh (Jonathan Sadowski) doesn’t remember her after a bump on the head, especially since he seems to remember everyone else – and he was about to tell her something important.