Quicken not updating latest transactions

05-Sep-2017 09:10

Here are some common issues and suggestions for solving issues when Quicken isn't updating your transactions correctly.This is a simple and obvious one, so check first to make sure your connection to the internet is working.

(Central Time), Sunday, April 23, Telephone, Online Banking, Mobile Banking and the Wallet App will be unavailable due to routine maintenance.However, ATM withdrawals and debit card purchases will continue to work normally.In order to minimize disruption to our customers we schedule maintenance at times during which these systems are least likely to be used.Recently, Quicken also lost the ability to updated my Capital One 360 account. It is constantly resetting and losing data, claiming data was downloaded when it was not, changing names of accounts, LOSING INFORMATION. Quicken was a good product but they must of hired incompetent developers and the product at this point is fundamentally flawed.

It always asks for a password it then will not accept. I have emailed multiple times to support how I can get a refund and have yet to receive even an acknowledgment of my request.

We are working to improve this process so that users of Quicken, Quick Books Online, or are able to use a different preferred authentication methods.