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Part of me wants to believe this story because I think Josh and Amanda would make a smashing couple in the looks department.Still, Amanda has made quite a commotion about not being promiscuous and not having sex with everyone she dates; and Josh is the guy who got a random bathroom beej, so he might not be into a lady of so-called virtue. By Hollywood standards, that’s practically a lifetime commitment!Aside from his long-term relationship, Josh is committed to several film projects.

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Sophia managed to multi-task riding a bicycle which munching on a veggie-burger as the couple made their way through their New York neighbourhood while the Pearl Harbour star carried a large bag of groceries.PHOTOS: Are these '90s actors hotter then or now?Harnett traveled from the Big Apple to visit Egerton, who is filming the movie with Lily Collins and Sam Claflin.When not on the set, she attended Fairfax High School, from which she graduated in 2001.

She briefly attended UCLA and Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

"It was just a natural thing that happened," a source explains. She took him around London, though he's not unfamiliar with it himself." PHOTOS: Amanda Seyfried's hottest hookups This is the first serious relationship Hartnett has been in since his summer split with Amanda Seyfried.