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02-Jul-2017 14:24

As we reported, after Strahan broke the news to Kelly he texted her Tuesday, trying to create an atmosphere where they could co-exist for the duration of his time on 'Live.' We're told she did not respond until Saturday, and it was "short and superficial." From Kelly's perspective, we know he was at war with Executive Producer Michael Gelman for the first year and made things very uncomfortable for everyone.

I thought you were going to say you were banging everything," Cohen responded, eliciting a shocked expression from the former professional footballer.

But another source says the notion Kelly was bullying Michael is "a joke." The 'GMA' job gives Strahan more money, a group of co-hosts he likes and who like him, and the right to continue his sports stuff.

He also wants to grow beyond interviewing celebrities.

I’m looking forward to bringing it back for the new generation to enjoy as well!

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” Strahan, of course, is a strong member of the ABC family as co-host of “Live!Strahan became an instant star and got lots of attention, and we're told she hated it.One source says it got to a point where she was "bullying" him, although on camera you couldn't tell.This week Michael was featured as People Magazine’s cover story.