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Nagisa Tatsumi then reveals herself as a leading figure in the IBO (Institute of the Bleeding Obvious) when she says that people find it hard to get rid of books because they have ‘high information content’, and clothes and bags ‘because these are things that are worn or carried’ and ‘people tend to grow fond of them’. – that people don’t like to get rid of ‘things with special emotional significance’.She concludes this section with the words: ‘Letting stuff pile up will only cause trouble in the end.Continue Reading The NEW Type of Love Note Sick of the everyday love notes that you leave around for your spouse?! U's are a perfect twist on the traditional love note that allows you to connect for a quick date to redeem your special treat.We've got the perfect change of pace that doubles as an invite for a meet up later! Fill out a "check" of your choice and leave it for your spouse to find.Rating: There are seven drawers in our kitchen, apart from the one with the knives and forks.This is a list of what I found when I opened one of them. On page seven, the author squeezes the message of the entire book into a single sentence.

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’ answer: ‘London’); a receipt from Schott music, Great Marlborough Street, for £15, dated . ‘The majority of responses were from the Tokyo area, but some were also from Osaka, Kyushu, Shikoku, Chubu and Hokuriku,’ she adds, helpfully.Continue Reading Find the PERFECT Christmas Gift for Your Husband One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is finding and giving the BEST Christmas gifts!I love discovering that perfect gift for someone and just knowing that they're going to love it.And, because they are a little sassy, it will build...