Updating windows xp product key

16-Jun-2018 16:10

Some folks who apparently have a pile of operating systems discs have proposed that one could upgrade from XP to Vista, then from Vista to Windows 7, but I think that's insane.

Most PC experts will recommend you start fresh and "pave" your machine anyway.

This is a screenshot heavy post, so bear with me, this is a tale best told with pictures.

Disclaimer: I do work for Microsoft, but I don't work with the Win7 team so this is just one dude's opinion.

I think this is a hassle, but in the case of XP to 7, it's necessary.

I was asked to "upgrade" a relative's machine from Windows XP to Windows 7, so I figured this was a good time to write-up the experience in case it helps others.

You've likely heard that you can't straight upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7.

Once the bootable media is created, open Windows Explorer, navigate to the DVD or USB drive and double click

With that in mind, we thought it was high time to give you all chance to understand more about the 25 characters governing your system. And most importantly, are they actually of any use to you now?