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02-Jan-2018 22:00

These forms, required under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, commonly referred to as HIPAA, are designed to help protect the privacy of sensitive medical information.

But what happens when you owe a medical debt and that information is shared with debt collectors? Recently two readers shared their questions with us.

He asked on the blog: I asked this collection agency to validate the debt, sent them my letter and they validated this bill with a detailed billing statement and exactly what procedures where done. They shortly after sent me a letter stating that they were going to forward my request to the Hospital it was originally from.

IE blood work, ECG, Heart Cath, Is this protected hipaa information? They did however provide me with a simple print out of the fee’s.

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I do not recall giving permission to [name of provider] for them to release my medical information to a third party.

I am aware that the HIPAA does allow for limited information about me but anything more is to only be revealed with the patient’s authorization.

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If you’re preparing to buy a home, clean up your credit report, or if you’re dealing with debt collectors, you may run into some information regarding the Debt Validation Letter.

This information generally entails sending a debt validation request on your “valid” debts prior to communicating with the debt collector who is attempting to collect from you.