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) Since graduating, Johnson has worked as a marketing manager for INTA Gems & Diamonds (clearly Phelps had his work cut out of him when choosing her engagement bling! Nowadays, the brilliant beauty queen is flexing her philanthropy muscles according to her Linked In profile, serving as the volunteer marketing manager at the Michael Phelps Foundation — her soon-to-be hubby's charity that offers swimming lessons to low-income families.3. In May, Johnson gave birth to her and Phelps' first child, a baby boy they named Boomer. Johnson is also mom to two fur babies — a pair of French bulldogs named Juno and Legend.The little social media star already has his very own Instagram and he looks all ready to follow in his daddy's footsteps! Juno — named for the Olympian Roman goddess, of course — even has an Instagram dedicated to her cute puppy pics! Johnson and Phelps' journey to the altar hasn't been an easy one.Michael Phelps' number one fans, Nicole Johnson and their baby son Boomer — a.k.a.the cutest cheering section in all of Rio de Janeiro.And whether it’s in the pool, on the track, in the sand, on a balance beam or on the roads, one thing is for sure: history will be made.April 27 marks 100 days until the Summer Games will officially begin on Aug.

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As the final preparations were being made, Rio's acting governor also warned that the Olympics could be a devastating failure, citing budget shortfalls that jeopardize security and mobility.And I guess it's meant to be.'It showed a grinning Phelps looking dapper in a light-colored suit as he walks hand in hand down the aisle with his bride with their five-month-old son Boomer watching from the arms of bridesmaid Schmitt.'I've been married for a while, been married for a while, couple months. By Daniel Cobian, PT, DPT, Ph D, and Bryan Heiderscheit, PT, Ph D At the 2016 Summer Olympics, Michael Phelps added to the collection of medals that make him "the most decorated Olympian of all time." But the medallions hanging around his neck weren't the only "decorations" that generated attention.The media and public also became fascinated by the tennis ball-sized red circles on his upper back and shoulders.