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22-Mar-2018 18:48

But how boring that would be, right, if men and women were thinking alike and on the same time-table, take all the fun out of life, right?!! In fact, isn't that kind of embedded into our culture, that we work and strive, and 'workout,' to create the 'PERFECT LIVES'? Of course the truth of it is that we all have a 'misery loves company' side of ourselves looking for the tarnish and tragedy along with the glitz and good fortune; that is the secret behind those celebrity magazines! You've got to get the idea out of your head that you will get absolutely every single thing on your list in a man, and that there are people who HAVE IT ALL. This would give some clues to help lead Connie toward her 'NEGOTIABLES' that she might be willing to 'trade-off'.

As we Connie and I began, I asked her to make a 'wish list' for a mate: "Good looks, tall, smart, funny, interesting, good family values, financially well off, ambitious,..." Hey, a girl can dream, can't she? I can tell you that in all certainty, from the job that I do; things that appear to be FABULOUS on the outside, are not necessarily so. Despite putting certain qualities at the top of her list in the past, she realized now that those particular qualities had never really worked out for her, or, as she puts it: "Those guys always turn out to be "douches'!

Right now all three of my girls are fairly obsessed with watching reruns of "Sex and the City".

As I watch the shows with them, (and marvel at the phenomenal writing!

But the holiday season—from the beginning of November through New Year’s—is actually a great time to be single, according dating expert Sameera Sullivan, founder of matchmaking service Lasting Connections.

“The holidays are a very busy season for the matchmaking business,” Sullivan explains.

Whether we choose to have kids or not, our hormones can be ordering us around, with the inevitable result that we start to think of 'mating up' by our late 20's, early 30's. She had always felt so pressured that she was supposed to HAVE IT ALL, and that if she didn't get it, that she was a failure.

I Took a Class to Find Out by Rose Surnow “I always figured sexiness was like a sense of humor or diabetes, either you got it or you don’t.While you should never have to apologize for having a career and making great money, the reality is that at some point in your dating life you may encounter a great guy who’s intimidated by your success.Rather than throw your hands up in disgust and give up on dating altogether, the following five tips should help you handle the sometimes sensitive subject matter with your potential dates: Tip #1: Be clear about what you want Just as the key to succeeding in business lies in setting goals, working hard, and overcoming setbacks along the way, the key to succeeding in the dating world is to be equally clear about what you want and then go for it.Ladies, let’s face it — dating in the modern world can be tricky.